Learnly | Foundations

Prepare for competency in the Anesthesiology basic sciences


Learnly | Foundations is a dynamic online anesthesia basic science learning program from the Stanford University AIM Lab designed to prepare anesthesia residents for competency in the anesthesia basic sciences. Learnly | Foundations is not a board-prep course. The program is built around the learning preferences of today’s millennial learners and features interactive daily practice accessible anywhere in the world.

Built for millennial learners

We surveyed hundreds of current anesthesia residents across the country.  Their insights drive Learnly | Foundations’ design.

  • Time-shifted and place-shifted learning: Learnly | Foundations can be accessed anywhere in the world including on mobile devices.
  • High yield and focused: The Learnly | Foundations curriculum is based on the published basic science content outline. We focus on essential topical review to focus limited learning time on the most important subjects. Is it important basic science knowledge? Absolutely.
  • A 365 day curriculum: At Learnly | Foundations we believe in consistent incremental daily learning instead of cramming. Our online curriculum is spaced over the course of a year through daily learning assignments. Residents are reminded by email each week to complete their daily Learnly | Foundations lesson.
  • Learner-centered: Residents complete modules and question banks at their own pace and convenience for a personalized, durable and mindful learning experience.
  • Mobile-friendly: Specially designed to be mobile-responsive for today’s tablets and smartphones to power learning on-the-go.
  • 3000 online questions: Authored by anesthesia faculty from Stanford, Harvard, Yale, University of Colorado Denver and other leading anesthesia programs around the country, Learnly | Foundations holds 3000 high quality online questions to test knowledge and focus learning.
  • A community of learners: By joining Learnly | Foundations your residents join an online community of anesthesia learners from around the country who share a common goal of achieving competency in the anesthesia basic science curriculum.

Grounded in education research

Learnly | Foundations is an education research project of the Stanford University AIM Lab.  It has been developed according to sound principles of instructional design and is being rigorously evaluated.

  • Current CA-1 residents felt on average 44% more prepared to pass a high stakes educational testing milestone after 8 months of completing Learnly | Foundations curriculum.
  • Learnly | Foundations lessons are supplemented by daily question sets enabling students to put what they learn into practice immediately.
  • Monthly question banks and comprehensive flashcard reviews promote skill acquisition and maintenance.
  • Visual graphics and organized tables complement daily lessons catering to a variety of learning styles and needs.

Authored by faculty from leading academic anesthesia residency programs

The Learnly | Foundations curriculum has been written and peer-reviewed by faculty from the country’s leading anesthesia residency programs under the direction of Dr. Larry Chu (Stanford University), Dr. Andrea J. Fuller (University of Colorado at Denver) and Dr. Glenn Gravlee (University of Colorado at Denver).

Other academic anesthesia programs contributing content to Learnly | Foundations include:

  • George Washington University (Site Content Lead: Jeffrey Berger, MD)
  • Harvard University – Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Site Content Lead: Rob Lekowski, MD)
  • Harvard University – Massachusetts General Hospital (Site Content Lead: Meredith Albrecht, MD)
  • Yale University (Site Content Lead: Viji Kurup, MD)
  • Tufts University (Site Content Lead: Iqbal Ahmed, MD)
  • University of Rochester, New York (Site Content Lead: Suzanne Karan, MD)
  • University of Massachusetts (Site Content Lead: Elifce Cosar, MD and Ellie Duduch, MD)
  • Tulane University (Site Content Lead: Michael Yarborough, MD)
  • UC San Diego (Site Content Lead: Beverly Newhouse, MD)
  • University of Alabama (Site Content Lead: Susan Black, MD and Lee Ann Riesenberg, MD)

The program resident applicants are asking about

Anesthesia resident applicants from around the country have heard positive feedback about Learnly | Foundations and many often inquire if an anesthesia residency offers our program. Learnly | Foundations is open to all anesthesia residency programs. We invite you to offer the online educational program today’s resident applicants are asking about!

What our residents say about Learnly | Foundations!

“There is nothing better than huge amounts of high quality questions that test our knowledge, expose weaknesses, push us to learn more, reveal to us what to go back and read or ask questions about, and help us with pattern recognition. There is NOTHING better.”  – current Learnly | Foundations participant

“I’ve been charging through [Learnly | Foundations].   The content is amazing.  I keep marveling at how much work must have gone into this. Thank you so much for creating this amazing resource.“   – current Learnly | Foundations participant

“The daily aspect of [Learnly | Foundations] with the emails and need to ‘keep up’ has been an amazing motivator. Even when on foreign travel for a week, I would find an internet source each morning and complete my [Learnly | Foundations] for the day before going about my vacation.” – current Learnly | Foundations participant